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About Active Information Systems

Who Are We?

We are a Calgary based Information Technology company. We have been in business since 1998 and have provided ongoing IT support and Managed services to many different business types including Dental, Chiropractic, Medical Supply, Engineeering and Oil & Gas.

Our focus is to keep your systems operational, available and secure so that you can focus on the everyday demands of your business. We’re here to help you manage your costs and realize the productivity gains and Return On Investment (ROI) that you have been expecting from your computer systems all along.

Dr. Murray Knebel

Dr. Murray Knebel

After working with Active Information Systems for over 6 years. Our business has never run smoother and we have never had better service!

Why Choose AIS?

At Active Information Systems we can help you with all your Information Technology Needs. In fact working with AIS is like having your own in-house IT department at a fraction of the cost.

Managed Services

Control Your Costs
Providing proactive IT Management and support to growing businesses. Using our custom monitoring solution we can keep your business running at peak efficiency!

Data Backup & Disaster Recover

Protecting Your business
We take the worry out of ensuring your business is protected. By utilizing the Cloud, we can safely store your critical business information offsite and we can restore you to full working order in the event of disaster.

ON Demand IT Services

We are there when you need Us!
Are you a small business that cannot afford or need a full IT solution? Yet want to have the best support system available. Active can provide support and service as your business requires.

Projects & Planning

Taking your business into the future
Looking to grow your business or take it in a new direction? Active has the experience and support to help you take your business to the next level with our professional consultation services.

Our Goal

Why We Do What We Do!

Your Business is Important

It is only as good as your IT Support

System downtime, viruses, spyware, losses of productivity.... Are the computer systems you rely upon to run your business not working consistently and as expected? These distractions are unnecessary, time consuming and very expensive.

At Active Information Systems we provide Proactive, Flexible and Affordable Managed IT Services to help your business succeed!

Why We Are Doing What We Do!

Your Business Needs Active Support:

Grow Your Business

Plan for growth to avoid Unforeseen expenses

Work Without Interruption

Computer down time is lost Productivity & $$!

Control Costs

Keep your IT Budget under control

Plan for the Future

get ready to handle future growth

And that’s just some of how we help keep you Active ...